Monday, August 22, 2011

Why am I doing this

Currently watching 'Secrets in the Walls' on Lifetime. So far, it's a classic horror story (did I mention I can't handle these?). the family (mom, two girls) move into the perfect old house. Oh wait. It's haunted by some girl. And only the young sister can see her. As of yet, we've seen the mystery girl show up in mirrors behind the family members, appear in windows, oh yes. And standing over the older sister as she sleeps.
I can't do this.
Breath Libby, you can do this.
... ignore my inner thoughts telling me to run away from the tv. I apparently sure am.

AAAAAAnnyyyyywwaaayyyssss. I will now ramble on about happy things while I wonder why we have a tv in the first place.

Quilt wise, I actually managed to keep my fingers throughout the entire fringe cutting process! Dad took me to a Laundromat to wash my little rag quilt. None of my friends seemed as excited as I was at this little adventure... anywho, the fringing looks fantastic! it's currently getting it's second wash, so I'll have to show you guys later...

Oh gosh, it's back on. Ok. Ok. what else is happy???

Hmm. Did I mention the Phineas and Ferb folders? I use them to hold loose-leaf paper. One of my favorite things to do is, when someone asks me for paper, I say "Let me introduce you to my friends" *pulls out folder* "Phineas and Ferb"

Oh merciful heavens. The music box is playing. Don't go in the basement. Oh why OH WHY am I watching this?!

Ummm.. did I mention I enjoy writing? Oh yes, I currently keep my cheap notebook and trusty blue pen with me everywhere. When I'm stuck at Godby? Write. When I'm in the car? Write. When I should be paying attention in class? Write. Currently, I really like writing fanfiction. (*cough* of the Phineas and Ferb vairety *cough* canyoubelieveiminhighschool?) So, my dear Fanfictioners, please don't fret. I know I haven't published in a while. But Oh boy, am I writing. I have got pages upon pages of just ideas, and I am trying to make myself type up the drafts of what I'm working on now.

Ok. I can do this. Bloggers, wish me luck.

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