Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pattern Making and Cutting

Welcome to session 2 of the Jeans Anatomy course! If you're done dismantling an old pair of still-fitting jeans, it's time to make new patterns from the pieces!

              note: if you decided to use a commercial pattern, then you are just going to skip this step!

Confession: I am a cheap person. That being said, I make my pattern paper by taping sheets of printer paper together until it is the size I need to trace on. If you have your own ways of patternmaking, use them!
Something that I noticed in my jeans, which may or may not be true for all, was that the seams were a bit wonky. Often, the seam width would waver, and would prove to be difficult to replicate in my own sewing. So, what I decided to to to remedy the problem was to trace the pieces with the seams folded in, and then add more precise seam allowances on top of that.
Again, taking notes is important! Write down on the pattern your seam allowances, special instructions for different types of seams, locations of added items, etc. The more help you give yourself, the easier it'll be!

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