Friday, July 29, 2011

the joy of discovery

Has someone ever given you a bunch of stuff (for any given subject/activity) and you know how everything works and what it's for EXCEPT for that one piece that makes no sense? Yes? No? Maybe it's just me. I got basically everything I sew with (hardware wise) from my mother, the ex-crafter. This includes a fancy Bernina sewing machine with included feet. Basically, i looked at all of the feet, and with help from the manual, was able to figure out generally what they were for.
Except this little thing.

I saw a normal presser foot with a giant, chunky, flamboyant attachment that was annoyingly placed right in the middle of the foot. And boy, was I confused. So, what did I do? [BEWARE, THIS NEXT PART MAY BE HORRIFYING FOR YOU TRUTH-SEEKERS AND PERSISTENT TYPES] I gave up. Yup, I packed the little foot away and tried to forget about it. (Which by the way, didn't work. See, this foot is just as persistent as you truth-seekers are. It wanted to be discovered.) But wait! Imagine my excitement when, while catching up on posts from Ashley's blog, I came across this post! Oh wonderfullness! I finally know that my little mystery foot is for blind hems!

And thus, the little chunky, flamboyant presser foot was assigned with a purpose. It should be getting good use, for mom has decided that now I get to hem pants. I'm debating if this discovery was good or bad.

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