Thursday, July 28, 2011

keep calm and watch project runway

Today was... today. I spent the day sewing those dreaded squares to more dreaded squares. Did I mention I managed to graze the edge of my finger with the machine needle? Yea. Good job Libby. It could have been worse though. The needle ended up close enough to the edge of my finger not to get 'stuck' (thank goodness), but far enough that It drew blood. So yea. Today was... today. But now?

It is July 28.
It is 9 o' clock.
I am happy.

Why? Because it's time for Project Runway season 9 of course! Corny as it may be, not to many years ago, Project Runway is what inspired me to begin sewing. I looked at those designers and i said "If they can do it, why can't I?" So I dug out mom's sewing machine, bought some fabric, and cut up an old t-shirt to figure out how it fit together. And that's where it began! Where I found something I really enjoy doing!
Anyways, enough of my backstories.
I'm just happy to hear Michael and Nina's professional critiques, Heidi's ‘Auf Wiedersehen’, and of course Tim's 'Make it Work!'

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